2019 Kentucky Derby Evangelism

Truly a Worldly Place!

The 2019 Kentucky Derby was full of controversy. But for the hours leading up to the race, there was no controversy. The King sits on His throne in Heaven and his ambassadors heralded His name and His work.

Many people came to Kentucky to revel, get drunk, and fornicate, but they were confronted about the heinousness of sin and the grace of Christ through a few hours of preaching outside Churchill Downs.

TJ Wilder preaching Christ outside Churchill Downs. Mike Stockwell in the Fear God hoodie, and Brent Williams from Columbus, OH handing out tracts near the preacher
(L) Michael Coughlin from ThingsAbove.Us pictured with Mike Stockwell (R) of Cross Country Evangelism. Michael drove from Central Ohio to join.
You can see the bright colored outfits people wear. It really is a thing to see!
Team Photo

Why We Go

Folks from all over received tracts from the faithful saints who joined our team.

The environment is truly one of vanity fair. Women with no sense of modesty in their dress. Men who have no control over their tongues. Drunkenness, reviling, and a non-stop stream of mocking and scoffing toward Christ. And this is what is being done in the light. Imagine the wickedness when these folks think no one is looking?

This is why we go preach the life-changing gospel. When observing the behavior of the young men and women at the Derby, one of the members of our team, a lady, mentioned that years ago when she was in college she “was one of those women.”

Yet God graciously saved her and gave her a new heart that was pleased to stand for hours on pavement and hand out gospel tracts to people still enslaved by their sin. May God be merciful to more sinners!

Mike heralding the gospel of Christ to all within earshot.


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