Preaching from the Gut

This post is the second in a series by Rob Nelsen.

I had the honor recently of joining JeremiahCry Ministries in their annual mission trip to Scotland. It was a blessing meeting brothers from all across the United States who are both solid in their theology and have a passionate zeal to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

While serving in Scotland, I was placed on Mike Stockwell’s evangelism team.

Short-term mission trips provide time to step out of the hustle of everyday life and consider life from a different perspective. I always appreciate the opportunity this provides for reflection.

This series is intended to highlight lessons I learned while in Scotland.

The Importance of Preaching from the Gut.

A few men on my team pointed out to me that God has indeed given me a mind to understand theology and a zeal to proclaim the gospel. This was very encouraging. I am so glad God uses me in this manner, and I pray I never become proud and boastful. My only boast is Him. However, I know for a fact that in one area I did not do well – and that is in the art of open-air preaching.

When we all first met together as a group was I hungry to preach. I was determined to do only two things, proclaim the gospel of King Jesus and rip down the gates of hell through the proclamation of the gospel. I was itching and desperate to preach. In the first two days, I poured my heart out declaring the truth of God my Savior. Not shockingly lost my voice on the third day.

My inability to use my voice efficiently cost me a few more hours of preaching. God is sovereign, and He used me in more conversations, yet I would like to be able to preach with unction for more than just two days. On the last night before my return home Robert Gray, a veteran preacher, graciously gave me advice on how to improve my voice projection without killing my vocal chords.

Perhaps this is not the most romantic reflection but it is necessary. We are called to work skillfully in any endeavor to which we are called (Col 3:23). We cannot just rely on knowledge and zeal. There are wisdom involved in skillfully mastering every craft, and street preaching is no different.

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